Is Christmas over yet?!?

Oh my goodness….such good intentions!!

Big fat…NOPE.

Well, this week my girls are still out of school. They are out of routine, getting not enough sleep and we are in utter “after Christmas chaos”! I have managed to get close to NOTHING accomplished, except get frazzled nerves. This is where I feel at my most alone.

Someone please help!!

I have managed to keep my girls fed and clothed(applause needed) and had some exciting outings and almost kept my sanity, but as far as business and me time…almost zilch!

Just my luck. That’s my woe is me done…for today.

I have managed to sort a bit of childcare out tomorrow to give me some time to plan! So, I will continue building the foundations for great things…so many great things! The club, Caversham Health and Fitness, if I hadn’t said, is going to get more of my attention and most of all, I am going to get more of my attention!

Yes, life got in the way this week of building financially, but it didn’t get in the way of spending quality time with my girls. I am just so thankful after 2017/2018, that I have the time(I am living my second chance) and the ability to spend time with my girls. Even though I might have locked myself in the bathroom for just a few minutes, for quiet time…on a couple of occasions, but what mum doesn’t do that? Right?!?

Like I said, I am on my own, so I have to manage.

So roll on tomorrow and I look forward to building those foundations!

One thought on “Is Christmas over yet?!?”

  1. Ah Amanda, I love reading your blog, I most enjoy the “real-ness” (is that a word?) of it – I look forward to reading more ! Diane x

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