They nailed it!!

My girls came back to me last night, so I have been in full on mummy mode! We definitely don’t stop…and they seem to go with the flow!

We went to the club today so I could see a client and after a few minutes…I went to check on them. I found them hand in hand with a fitness instructor wanting to try an Insanity class!

For those of you who don’t know Insanity…it’s a crazy fitness class! So, me with my jeans on and my girls very excited(well, Nieve not as excited as Eliza) we joined Insanity and they nailed it!

Now they know our members and our instructors and they were being well looked after. I can say they loved every minute of it and so did I. Although my little one Nieve, kicked me out not long after.

It’s good to feel wanted!!😂

After my last post cancer scan, a couple of weeks ago, instead of an “All is great” letter, I got a letter with another scan appointment, so I am a bit concerned and it did throw me a bit, but I have brushed that aside and will carry on and try not to worry.

Enough said about that, no energy wasted there.

So for me this week, I will be enjoying life with my girls and keeping my momentum going with work. I’m holding on tight to it, I have to keep it going.

Good things are coming!!

What are you going to do with your week?


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