Let it snow!!!!

Sorry for being quiet, I needed a little bit of breathing space.

Up and down. Up and down. That’s how this goes. As long as the ups are more than the downs!!

My last scan, I said was a bit worrying, but after finding out all was good, I sat and had a little cry. So I guess it was actually a lot worrying. So I had to take a bit of time and get myself back up again. Not too much time though!😉

Everything is going great at the club, everyone is working together and it’s looking great! I am feeling so positive about things these days! Where there are issues, we’re solving them and making improvements across the board!

At the club and at home.

Living space is so important and we underestimate that and sometimes we become a bit blind to it(me last week). Trying to declutter and rearrange your home can make such a huge impact on your entire life, I think you should give it a go! Just set an afternoon(or morning) aside to make some changes…boy, it feels good!!

So, I will continue making that steady climb to a happier, healthier me and making improvements in my life.

Today I’ve spent another day on a fantastic course learning great things and I can’t wait to start using my new skills at the club!

What improvements can you make?


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