Nieve is taking the reins!!

So, I have obviously taken too long to write this latest blog. So Nieve has taken matters into her own hands!!

Mummy has been far too busy.

I had an amazing morning at Thame Lido and this has opened my eyes to something new!! A newly refurbished outdoor pool surrounded by a gorgeous restaurant and spa and amazing staff. It was truly a perfect morning.

I do plan on making a habit of it!

Just getting back to exercise and looking after myself physically and actually just as much mentally. Forgetting what was outside those four walls for a morning, meeting new people, trying not to crash into them as I tried to follow the lines in the bottom of the pool. The coffee…the massage…the hot tea…the “me time”…seriously, heaven.

I’m not sure why I don’t do things like this more often?!! Do you?!! Why did I not get that memo??

Once again another blog and still rising up and up.

I do have to admit though, when 8pm comes around and my girls are in bed, my goodness, I’m not far behind them! So this is something I’m going to work on these next few weeks. My energy levels. Not frantic energy, but lasting healthy energy, with focus and purpose. That’s my goal for February.

So, let’s see!!

Oh and here I come Thames Lido…you’re in my plan too.

More “me mornings”.

You should try that too, if you aren’t already!!!


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